PANDA experiment

PANDA (AntiProton Annihilations at Darmstadt) worldwide collaboration of scientists, proposed in 2004  to build a “state of the art” multi-purpose detector for strong interaction studies, at the high-energy storage ring HESR at the international FAIR facility. The physics program to be covered includes many aspects of strong interactions at energies from a few GeV to a few tens of GeV (QCD bound states, Non-perturbative QCD Dynamics, Hypernuclear Physics, Nucleon Structure, Electroweak decays of rare D mesons). To accomplish its ample physics program,  PANDA Collaboration should build (Fig. 1) a general purpose detector  which has to achieve near 4pi acceptance, high resolution for tracking, particle identification and calorimetry, high rate capabilities and a versatile readout and event selection.
The approved PANDA design

SISTINA project

Since the PANDA experiment is under the construction phase, the activities of the IFIN-HH team during the project (11.2020-11.2023) are focused on the completion of PANDA STT control system, namely:
- The integration of the new version of Multipurpose Rack Control Unit device in the control system;
- The setup, configuration and operation of the process variable database server;
- Manage the controls and conditioning of STT read-out electronics and gas system;


The team is composed by the following R&D personnel from IFIN-HH Particle Physics Department:
- Dr. Alexandru-Mario BRAGADIREANU - research scientist;
- Stefan-Alexandru GHINESCU - research assistant;
- Ovidiu HUTANU - engineer;
- Petre-Constantin BOBOC - research assistant;
- Alina MOTORGA - accountant.

PANDA Collaboration Meeting talks (2020-2023)

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