PANDA experiment

PANDA (AntiProton Annihilations at Darmstadt) worldwide collaboration of scientists, proposed in 2004  to build a “state of the art” multi-purpose detector for strong interaction studies, at the high-energy storage ring HESR at the international FAIR facility. The physics program to be covered includes many aspects of strong interactions at energies from a few GeV to a few tens of GeV (QCD bound states, Non-perturbative QCD Dynamics, Hypernuclear Physics, Nucleon Structure, Electroweak decays of rare D mesons). To accomplish its ample physics program,  PANDA Collaboration should build (Fig. 1) a general purpose detector  which has to achieve near 4pi acceptance, high resolution for tracking, particle identification and calorimetry, high rate capabilities and a versatile readout and event selection.
The approved PANDA design

SISTINA project

Since the PANDA experiment is under the construction phase, the activities of the IFIN-HH team during the period 2016-2019 were focused on:
- Building, deploying and maintaining EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control Systems) device support for various components of the PANDA Central Straw Tube Tracker (STT) (2016-2018);
- Contributing to the PANDA Control System Technical Design Report;
- Coordination and Chairing of the PANDA Detector Control System (DCS) group (2016-2018);
- Development and deployment of PANDA STT Control System Software (2018-2019);
- Maintenance of local PANDA middleware and software framework (2016).


The team is composed by the following R&D personnel from IFIN-HH Particle Physics Department:
- Dr. Alexandru-Mario BRAGADIREANU - research scientist;
- Dr. Dan PANTEA - research scientist;
- Stefan-Alexandru GHINESCU - physicist;
- Ovidiu HUTANU - engineer;
- Alina MOTORGA - accountant.

Annual report-2016

- 2016 Status report in 2016 Report

Annual report-2017

- 2017 Status report in 2017 Report

Annual report-2018

- 2018 Status report in 2018 Report

Annual report-2019

- 2019 Status report in 2019 Report

PANDA Collaboration Meeting talks (2016-2019)

- Updates on the Multifunction Rack Control Unit, DCS Session at LIX CM, GSI, December 6, 2016;
- A sketch of Detector Controls TDR, DCS Session at LIX CM 17/1, GSI, March 7, 2017;
- Panda Controls TDR, Technical Coordinators Meeting, GSI, July 13, 2017;
- PANDA PV archiving, DCS Session at CM 18/1, GSI, March 6, 2018;
- PANDA DCS Configuration, PANDA DCS-DAQ-FEE eZuce Meeting, March 26, 2018;
- Status of the STT Controls, PANDA Collaboration Meeting 19/3, GSI, November 8, 2019;

List of publications

- Feasibility studies of time-like proton electromagnetic form factors at PANDA at FAIR , PANDA Collaboration, EPJA 52 (2016) 10, 325;
- Study of doubly strange systems using stored antiprotons , PANDA Collaboration, Nucl. Phys. A 954 (2016) 323-340;
- Feasibility study for the measurement of πN transition distribution amplitudes at PANDA in pˉ​p→ J/ψ , PANDA Collaboration, Phys. Rev. D 95 (2017) 3, 032003;
- Measurement and optimization of the light collection uniformity in strongly tapered PWO crystals of the PANDA detector , PANDA Collaboration, NIM A 857 (2017), 1-6;
- Track propagation methods for the correlation of charged tracks with clusters in the calorimeter of the PANDA experiment , PANDA Collaboration, JINST 13 (2018) 02, T02008;
- Precision resonance energy scans with the PANDA experiment at FAIR: Sensitivity study for width and line-shape measurements of the X(3872) , PANDA Collaboration, EPJA 55 (2019) 3, 42.